Word Cloud created from abstracts of my accepted papers (wordle.net/)


  1. Predicting delayed cerebral ischemia after subarachnoid hemorrhage using physiological time series data Park, Soojin, Megjhani, Murad, Frey, Hans-Peter, Grave, Edouard, Wiggins, Chris, Terilli, Kalijah L, Roh, David J, Velazquez, Angela, Agarwal, Sachin, Connolly, E Sander, and others, Journal of clinical monitoring and computing 2018
  2. Brain Tissue Oxygenation as an Adjunctive Monitor for Determining Optimal Cerebral Perfusion Pressure in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients (P4. 297) Ford, Jenna, Park, Soojin, Boehme, Amelia, Megjhani, Murad, and Terilli, Kalijah 2018
  3. Incorporating High-Frequency Physiologic Data Using Computational Dictionary Learning Improves Prediction of Delayed Cerebral Ischemia Compared to Existing Methods Megjhani, Murad, Terilli, Kalijah, Frey, Hans-Peter, Velazquez, Angela G, Doyle, Kevin William, Connolly, Edward Sander, Roh, David Jinou, Agarwal, Sachin, Claassen, Jan, Elhadad, Noemie, and others, Frontiers in neurology 2018
  4. Deriving the PRx and CPPopt from 0.2-Hz Data: Establishing Generalizability to Bedmaster Users Megjhani, Murad, Terilli, Kalijah, Martin, Andrew, Velazquez, Angela, Claassen, Jan, Roh, David, Agarwal, Sachin, Smielewski, Peter, Boehme, Amelia K, Schmidt, J Michael, and others, 2018


  1. Binge alcohol alters exercise-driven neuroplasticity Barton, Emily A, Lu, Yanbin, Megjhani, Murad, Maynard, Mark E, Kulkarni, Prathamesh M, Roysam, Badrinath, and Leasure, J Leigh Neuroscience 2017
  2. Morphologically constrained spectral unmixing by dictionary learning for multiplex fluorescence microscopy Megjhani, Murad, Sampaio, Pedro, Leigh Carstens, Julienne, Kalluri, Raghu, and Roysam, Badrinath Bioinformatics 2017
  3. Deployment of Mobile EEG Technology in an Art Museum Setting: Evaluation of Signal Quality and Usability Cruz-Garza, Jesus G, Brantley, Justin A, Nakagome, Sho, Kontson, Kimberly, Megjhani, Murad, Robleto, Dario, and Contreras-Vidal, Jose L Frontiers in human neuroscience 2017


  1. Unsupervised Profiling of Microglial Arbor Morphologies and Distribution Using a Nonparametric Bayesian Approach Xu, Yan, Megjhani, Murad, Trett, Kristen, Shain, William, Roysam, Badrinath, and Han, Zhu IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 2016


  1. Population-scale three-dimensional reconstruction and quantitative profiling of microglia arbors Megjhani, Murad, Rey-Villamizar, Nicolas, Merouane, Amine, Lu, Yanbin, Mukherjee, Amit, Trett, Kristen, Chong, Peter, Harris, Carolyn, Shain, William, and Roysam, Badrinath Bioinformatics 2015
  2. Your brain on art: emergent cortical dynamics during aesthetic experiences Kontson, Kimberly L, Megjhani, Murad, Brantley, Justin A, Cruz-Garza, Jesus G, Nakagome, Sho, Robleto, Dario, White, Michelle, Civillico, Eugene, and Contreras-Vidal, Jose L Frontiers in human neuroscience 2015


  1. Large-scale automated image analysis for computational profiling of brain tissue surrounding implanted neuroprosthetic devices using Python Rey-Villamizar, Nicolas, Somasundar, Vinay, Megjhani, Murad, Xu, Yan, Lu, Yanbin, Padmanabhan, Raghav, Trett, Kristen, Shain, William, and Roysam, Badri Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 2014